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Welcome To The Paradise Of Dazzling Places-Natal!

By Amanda Smith, Posted on 24 Sep, 2021 at 12:50 pm

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Welcome to Natal! Your flight just landed you here, and we can clearly hear your name, but who's calling you? Do you know? Of course, the adventures in this city are. Now that you've arrived, it's time to explore endless entertainment options and hidden gems. This lively city is incredibly filled with friendly-wide smiles, and all the visitors spend a good time here. No matter how big this city is, you will always find yourself along the coast, getting lost in the peace. But, if the water is not your type, no worries. You are a minute away from bustling streets. But the main making of this city that attracts the visitors and enhances their interest are the extensive coastal sand dunes. It lies on the Atlantic coast of the South American continent. The sun-kissed beaches, nature areas, luxurious Natal hotels, and renowned historical sites are the popular features of this city. Embrace the charms of this place and watch the past spin. Let's explore this city, learn its streets and history. So, dig in!

Things To Do and See:

There are countless places to visit in Natal, but few of them are literally worth a visit. They are unique and beautiful, and your trip would seem incomplete without popping in them. So, let's see!

Cashew Tree – Cajueiro de Pirangi:

One of the monumental trees of the entire world standing proudly in Natal is the Cashew Tree of Pirangi. This tree covers 800 square meters of the area. Slurp a sip of cashew juice, cashew Cachaça (alcohol), and several other candy-coated cashews. To get more fun, climb up the tree to get a bird's eye view.

Morro does Careca:

One of the largest dunes is nestled in Natal named Morro do Careca, considered the main symbol and common tourist destination spot. This soaring 120 meters’ sand dune is extraordinarily pleasing to the eye. It fills visitors with wonders and takes their breath away. The calming water sounds are enough to keep the soul relaxed after a hectic day.

Ponta Negra:

One of the most famous seaside is Ponta Negra, which stretches to Morro do Careca, where a sand dune is wrapped with green taking this place to another extreme dimension. Head to Palm-thatched beach club called barracks and take a sip of beer and feast on grilled shrimp. Also, check out the Shopping do Artesanato Potiguar mall.

How to Get Around in Natal?

Most visitors are worried about how to get around their favorite places as they are under the hood of this city and not sure where to go. Just check below, and you will find your answers effortlessly.

By Bus:

One of the cheapest ways to travel around your favorite place is by bus. It serves well within Natal, and both small and big buses have the same route and fare. Magnetic cards and passes are available, but the best way is to directly pay the conductor.

By Car:

If you want to travel quietly and in fewer crowds, the car is an effective option for you. You will also get a chance to catch sights of breathtaking wonders and allow you to take a close view of every place. So, sit in!

By Sand Buggy Ride:

One of the most exciting ways to tour this city is by opting for sand buggy rides. You will be blessed by the views of towering dunes and get to look at them closely.

Best Hotels to book For Your Trip:

Numerous hotels in Natal Brazil are right there to serve you at their finest. Whether you are looking for a suite or an inn, we are pretty sure that you will find one right according to your choice. So, let's check out what it offers!

Antibes Residence Hotel:

Located in a great location, Antibes Residence Hotel is an aparthotel offering a studio with a kitchenette, rooftop swimming pool where you can stretch your muscles, and a fitness room. Enjoy the splendid views of the sea from the rooftop terrace and scoff the breakfast in the bar. Make your meals in the oven and hotplates in your chic rooms and enjoy the flat-screen TV. Bake some cakes in an oven and let your tummy smile. The hotel's lift will take you to the room. Sleep tight on your soft beds.

Moriah Natal:

Take in the vistas of a garden outside the Moriah Natal, slurp a sip of coffee or tea on your balcony or terrace, and dive into an outdoor pool at Moriah Hotel. As you step in, your eye will be blessed with multiple rooms where you can enjoy the food stored in your minibar with a late-night movie in a fully air-conditioned environment. Some rooms promise a great view of the sea and garden. Soak up some rays of sun on the sun terrace.

Yak Beach Hotel:

It is one of the best-relaxed hotels where you rest in peace during your stay in modest rooms. Plunge into the pools, and if you are with your little one, don't fret; a kid pool is available for them. Soak up some sun rays from the deck, or simply head to your terrace area to cherish the beauty of this city. Appreciate the sweeping views of the sea from your well-manicured room overlooking the swimming pool.

Holiday Inn Natal, an IHG Hotel:

Located in the heart of the city, Holiday Inn Natal has it all; well-manicured and decorated rooms with a private bathroom where you can freshen up yourself. Satisfy your cravings and switch on flat-screen cable TV in an air-conditioned room. After an exhausting day, relax in an outdoor pool or enjoy the fitness center and sauna. Slurp a sip of your favorite coffee at the lobby bar and doze off on the peace-filled beds.

In a nutshell, Natal is a worth visiting city that offers limitless things to do and see. You won't find yourself free because plenty of things won't let you bore. Whatever tickles your fancy, you are sure to satisfy them in Natal. From mammoth trees to dunes, everything is in this city. The wind will keep on inserting new ideas into your mind, and you won't be able to resist yourself. Make sure that you book your hotel in Natal, Brazil- a little earlier. Let all the possibilities wash over you as you discover new places and things. It is considered a popular destination for beaches and several other mind-blowing attractions. So, pack your bags and hop on a plane.

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